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What does name3rvs4x mean exactly?

The purpose of name3rvs4x

The purpose of name3rvs4x is to identify enclosure types and their uses. NEMA, or the National Electrical Manufacturers Association is the group responsible for applying ratings in accordance with the applications of enclosures and the way they are protected from environmental conditions. Different numbers have different uses and protection levels.

To understand the system, you must first have knowledge of the industry and the types of enclosures that are used. The NEMA rating scale begins with number 1 and ends with number 13. Enclosures with letters attached often have similar features to those whose numbers are identical. For example, a name3rvs4x enclosure, has benefits of a nema 3 and 4. The letters determine the differences.

The letter R, means this enclosure does not protect against dust that is windblown. The letter X guarantees that this enclosure will provide protection from corrosion. Nema 3 and 4 are equal in features. They both provide protection against dirt, sleet, rain, snow and ice. They both function well indoors and outdoors. Together, they make the name3rvs4x enclosure that will provide ample protection against harsh elements, can be used anywhere and resist corrosion.

NEMA rating scale

In addition to the name3rvs4x, NEMA rates enclosures from 1 to 13. Understanding the numbers is the key to selecting the correct type of enclosure for the industry you serve. They are all listed below.

Starting with the NEMA 1 enclosure which is designed to be used indoors. They allow for a certain level of protection against dirt.

The NEMA 2 enclosure has the same features as the NEMA 1, except it also provides protection against splashes and dripping liquids.

The NEMA 3 enclosure is designed for use indoors or outdoors. It provides protection from accidental spills, rain dirt, snow, ice and dust. It is also impact resistant.

The NEMA 3R enclosure has the same features as the NEMA 3, except for windblown dust protection. The nema3rvs4x is a combination.

The NEMA 3S enclosure works outside or inside and protects against impacts, falling dirt, snow, rain, sleet and will keep the system operating even when encased in ice.

The NEMA 4 enclosure is strong enough to provide protection from splashing water and water directed using a hose. In addition to the rain, snow and sleet. Can be used inside or mounted outdoors.

The NEMA 4X enclosure has the same features as the NEMA 4, except it also protects against corrosion.

The NEMA 5 enclosure is designed for indoor use and provides relative protection against impacts, light falling dirt, settling dust, fibers, lint, splashing water and dripping liquids.

The NEMA 6 enclosure can be used inside or outside and protects against impacts, dirt, splashing water, limited depth submersion and ice. These enclosures are tough and durable.

The NEMA 6P is equal to the NEMA 6, except water submersion levels can be higher and more prolonged.

The NEMA 7 enclosure is for indoors and is classified as A, B, C or D. They can withstand extreme pressures that occur during internal explosion of certain types of gas.

The NEMA 9 enclosure works indoors only and is classified as E,F, or G. They protect against dust.

The NEMA 12 enclosure is designed for indoor use. They are impact resistant and protect against dirt, lint, circulating dust, fibers and drippings.

The NEMA 12K enclosure has the same features as the NEMA 12.

The NEMA 13 enclosure works indoors only and protects against falling dirt, splashing liquids, circulating dust and lint. It also protects the interior against water seepage, and non-corrosive coolants.